Happy because i got great company this night!❤️

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She wants the P. 

She wants the P. (pizza)

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Anonymous said: Get better, you are a stunning girl!

Thank you soo much❤️

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mraoo said: *hug*


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Anonymous said: awesome body! would u reveal ur height & weight?

Thank you dear! I’ve been asked about my weight many times before, but i still don’t know. I don’t weight myself. It’s not important to me.
I’m 162 cm :-)

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Tierd woman! Night shifts are TOUGH. A new night shift soon, halp.

Tierd woman! Night shifts are TOUGH. A new night shift soon, halp.

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24. Lets make it good.

24. Lets make it good.

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I see no lies here

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Fuck everything.
I don’t want to exist right now. I’m losing the person i love more than anything. And i can’t do anything about it. I have never felt this pain before. It’s worse than i could ever imagine. I can’t sleep or eat. I’m losing weight. I’m losing myself. I don’t want to pick up the phone when my friends and family calls. I don’t know what to tell them, that i’m about to break down? That i’m not the strong girl they thought i was? I think he’s happy without me. And even if i want him to be, it hurts. I could see us in the future. With house and kids.
It’s been 3,5 years. We had some rough times. But the last year i got myself together and things started looking brighter. But all of the sudden he’s gone.
Like he erased me from his mind.
I’m not sure if he will ever know how much i loved him. I did some stupid things, i’m not blaming him for doubting. But i’m at the bottom like never before. He’s still the one for me. I can’t find somebody else. Nobody else is him. Because he’s special to me. It’s my birthday tomorrow and i’m afraid i will spend it in tears. Because my only wish is for him to be there. I don’t want sympathy, i just needed to write down my feelings. Sometimes it helps.

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Lol, when my baby was a baby.

Lol, when my baby was a baby.

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